McGill University Work Study Database & Web Client (GitHubLive Demo)
  • Engineered a database-powered solution for McGill University’s Work Study application list as a replacement for their 140-page static CSV file posted online.
  • Scraped and sanitized 6,370 public financial aid records from McGill’s servers.
  • Modeled financial aid (work study) data and created the corresponding SQL schema.
  • Constructed a database API using stored procedures to abstract away the underlying SQL internals from client applications.
  • Implemented a full stack web client using Flask, AngularJS, and Bootstrap, which allows students and employers to easily view the status of Work Study applications.
  • Languages Used: Python, SQL & pl/pgSQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
LilLink (GitHubLive Demo)
  • Designed and deployed a minimalistic URL shortener.
  • Implemented a RESTful API for handling URL keys and values through a lightweight Flask backend.
  • Employed a Redis datastore for the rapid generation and retrieval of URL keys and values.
  • Languages Used: Python, HTML, CSS
TalkingKeyboard (GitHubLive Demo)
  • Designed a multimedia educational tool for learning touch-typing; demonstrates front-end technologies.
  • Designed responsively using CSS3 to ensure that TalkingKeyboard is usable across all devices.
  • Composed animation and graphical effects through the coupled use of jQuery and CSS.
  • Incorporated efficient cross-browser speech synthesis through the use of the ResponsiveVoice API.
  • Languages Used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Huffman Encoder (GitHub)
  • Implemented a Java version of the Huffman compression algorithm.
  • Utilized Multisets from Google’s Guava suite to allow efficient tree-building of Unicode data.
Comp 421 (Database Systems) Project
  • Led a four-person team on the development of a medium-scale database system to handle the ticketing and film scheduling needs for a movie theatre.
  • Implemented a graphical network front-end application in Java using Swing and the JDBC API.
  • Designed an XML schema to incorporate semi-structured XML data from IMDB.
  • Wrote extensive documentation about the database system.